When gay changed meaning to stupid

Those in the school grounds use it as an abrupt way of denouncing something as "uncool". It's not only youngsters in the UK who have recently adopted it, the same has happened to the German equivalent, schwul, he adds. It's basically a fear of the different: No punishment that can be handed out by the NRL is too severe for the contribution of anti-gay rhetoric. Imagine you are a gay student and someone calls something gay, and you say "don't say that, because I'm gay and I'm not stupid".

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Sorry Miranda, Gay Doesn't Mean Stupid


It's a form of bullying that domineering people seek out vulnerable people and school age is a time of emergent sexuality which is itself a vulnerable time. The vast majority of usage is totally harmless and it is up to teachers to keep ahead of the game and use common sense - teachers are often guilty of taking this word out of context and 'creating' a situation. In an equally offensive titled piece "NRL bosses are totally gay", Miranda said this about the incident:. No doubt, a new socially acceptable casual word for "homosexual" will emerge in coming years once "gay" takes precedence as a negative term. Mo, London I am a secondary school teacher and hear 'gay' in a number of contexts every day. The currency of kids' conversation is often mean - and that's part of the rough and tumble of their lives.

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The word has had many meanings over the centuries, often sexual, says Clive Upton, professor of Modern English Language at Leeds University. Albert Steptoe used to deride any such person as "he's a poof", and I from a working-class background but with a grammar school education, professional qualification and a university degree have also encountered it myself, though I have never shown any sign at all of homosexuality. Gay doesn't actually mean stupid, and attempting to redefine a word that is meant to describe a minority group to mean "stupid" is a micro-aggression towards the LGBT community. How can I communicate myself in the future to not be seen as offensive? The same has happened with the term "special" which comes from "special needs". E-mail this to a friend Printable version.

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